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Derma Veil® 嬰兒針


Changes in skin texture and facial features are the biggest age markets. But there are ways to rewind the beauty clock. In the past, technology to facilitate generation of collagen was widely deployed to lift part of the facial features. However, it may create an unnatural expression and facial stiffness without improving your skin quality at all!


Derma Veil® is an injectable product which stimulates collagen formation. It is designed to diminish skin damage due to the aging process, sickness and/or sun exposure. Derma Veil improves the flexibility and hydration of the skin, restoring its volume and diminishing the imperfections of the outer skin, such as wrinkles and scars.

Derma Veil is lyophilized low viscosity, non-toxic, bioabsorbable and biodegradable tissue reconstructive material used in the reinforcement of skin and other soft tissue, typically by serving as a space-occupying supplement for the inter-cellular matrix of connective tissue.

  • Derma Veil®, vowing to restore your baby-soft skin and bring out the best in your facial features, has applied the groundbreaking 3R Micro Collagen Time-reversing Technology in a series of treatments.

  • The product is incorporated as a hydrophillic matrix composed of Glycolic and Polylactic acids, and both are immunological inert, biocompatible, absorbable and degrade by hydrolysis.

  • The combined effects of the acid distends the cutaneous tegument restoring volume to depressed areas, effacing wrinkles, creases and mild scars and improving hydration and flexibility to the skin.

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