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Ultimate Cellulite Treatment            

      Improving Areas



Ultimate is the most effective non-invasive treatment for fat loss. Ultimate uses deep heating ultrasound technology to reduce unwanted fat cells in one hour treatment. The Custom Contouring capabilities of Ultimate System target fat around your waist line, including the most popular abdomen and love handle areas. This revolutionary treatment is perfect for people who are close to their ideal size but cannot seem to get rid pockets and areas of unwanted fat. The Ultimate can give you the shape you always wanted. The Ultimate is highly versatile, allowing you to precisely target your areas of concern. Many people choose to treat a variety of areas on the body. To determine which areas of body each client should treat, a complimentary consultation is recommended prior to treatment.
There is no required after care for the skin or fat after your treatment. 
   supernumerary breasts
Inner Thigh
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